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Fearless Films Season 1 – Living boldly over 75

Fearless Films inspire us all to look at ageing differently, and to crush stereotypes around what it means to be old. 

A stereotype surrounds ageing – that people over a certain age can’t defy expectations, can’t be daring, or can’t live bold lives. We’ve set out on a quest to prove this stereotype wrong, and the outcome is Fearless Films, a series that documents the fearless lives of nine Australian seniors over the age of 75.

These films are a response to the image that most people associate with ageing. They show in a brave, heartfelt way what it means to be old – but not too old to have fun! Do you need proof that life doesn’t stop after 75, or 80, or even 90? Then this is it!

What age is old?

When you ask someone what they would consider old, the answer will largely depend on their age. The older we are, the more these numbers get pushed back – ask an 18-year old and they might say 40 is old, but ask a 40-year old and they will probably say 80. Fearless Films proves a universal truth: that age is just a number, and how old you feel is more important than how old you actually are.

This collection of inspirational short films features nine seniors from the Northern Rivers region, who challenge the stereotypes around aging by living their lives to the fullest. Whether it’s dancing, playing an instrument, or kayaking, they dare to be the best version of themselves, and to enjoy the little things.

Playing tennis or wearing eclectic, fashionable clothes has nothing to do with age – it has to do with your mindset. And these incredibly fearless people show everyone what a positive mindset can achieve, even above a certain age.

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