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“It’s the little things that mean the most”: One Wellbeing Manager shares her story

Angie Davies is the kind of person who cares about the little things rather than the big things.

After so many years working with Home Care Package clients, she knows it’s those little things that mean the most; like being able to get to the mailbox every day, or get up and down the stairs properly.

Through a Home Care Package, senior Australians receive government-supplied-funding to stay independent at home for longer. There are many services that can be covered under the funding and everything is aligned with a client’s goals to ensure they are getting what they want out of the service.

“A goal could be so simple, and we don’t realise how essential it is, we take it for granted – but it’s absolutely massive to that person,” Angie says.

“I may be able to support someone by arranging an exercise physiologist to come to their house. And you just see huge results – like, not only can they suddenly get to their mailbox, they can also get up the driveway and next door to have a cup of tea at their neighbour’s house.”

Inspired by the isolated

Angie has been a Registered Nurse for almost 30 years. Having worked in the community and residential facilities in aged care, she discovered a love for the elderly naturally through different kinds of environments.

“Whether you work in surgical or medical as a nurse, most of your patients are elderly,” Angie says. “You’ve got to embrace it and you really learn to love it and everything they have to offer, the support you can give them.”

Angie has since furthered her studies, doing a post-graduate degree in Palliative Care and now continuing with a post-grad degree in dementia.

“I’m passionate about helping groups of people who, I feel, are a little bit isolated,” Angie says.

“For me, that could be a dementia patient in need of great palliative care. Or a person living really far out of town who doesn’t get to see many people.”

Angie Davies

The magic of Darling Downs

Angie discovered Darling Downs over 20 years ago after a move from the United Kingdom. She flew into Brisbane with her family, got in the car and drove until they found somewhere that suited them; it happened to be Warwick, and then, Toowoomba.

“I like it because you see people living in so many different ways – the city, the country, everything in between,” Angie says.

The unique nature of the Darling Downs region means that many people live rurally and are used to being isolated – so they’re surprised by what can be offered through a Home Care Package.

“Most of them are pretty tough and used to their independence. Their expectations are very different, they’re not looking to have people in their pocket,” Angie explains.

“So we can put in equipment or technology to keep them independent.”

This can include anything from Smart Home Modifications to our Virtual Social Centre where they can engage with others, keep up with hobbies or learn new things via their computer or tablet.

Angie can even arrange services to support clients in unique and life-changing ways.

“Maybe someone can’t get meals on wheels but they can have someone go in once a week, cook up a heap of meals and put them in the freezer – and they’re so grateful for that,” Angie adds.

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