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How to choose a Home Care Provider

Choosing your home care provider is a very important and personal decision in your life and requires a considered approach. That is why at Feros Care, we feel it’s incredibly important that you make your decision based on ALL the facts. Comparing by fees alone is easy, but we at Feros believe there should be much more to your decision than just that.


  • will you have a dedicated care manager who will get to know you and develop a plan that is truly based on what care you want?
  • how often your plan and the types of services you can receive will be reviewed?
  • are entry and exit fees charged if your needs change?
  • the types of services offered – both for your immediate needs and looking to your future


We suggest you use this checklist of questions when interviewing potential providers. Remember it’s your choice.

  • How are they different to other service providers? What is their point of difference?
  • What services do they provide?
  • Where and when will they provide my support?
  • Are their staff qualified? Do they have police checks?
  • Do they charge exit fees if you choose to leave them, and how much they charge. (Some providers charge up to $2000 to leave them)
  • What checks do they complete to ensure quality of service?
  • Do they cater for any special requirements you may have – language, cultural, diversity?
  • Look at their website – do their photos and stories sound like you?
  • Look at their social media pages? What are people saying about them?
  • How long have they been operating?
  • What are their credentials? (industry awards, quality certifications)
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