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Jan’s Journey in Aged Care with ARC Training

Are you considering a fulfilling career that lets you make a positive impact on the lives of others? Meet Jan, a dedicated employee at Feros Care who embarked on a transformative journey through completing a Certificate 4 in Leisure and Health offered by ARC Training. Jan’s story is a testament to the power of on-the-job training and the personal rewards that come from working in the aged care sector.

A Path from Hospitality to Aged Care

Jan’s unique pathway to the aged care sector began in the bustling world of hospitality. With a background in managing her own restaurants, she carried a deep-rooted passion for connecting with people and bringing joy through her cooking skills. However, as life unfolded and circumstances changed, Jan found herself yearning for a more fulfilling career that allowed her to slow down and dedicate her time to a purpose she deeply believed in.

Jan’s affinity for older adults, and her innate desire to care for them, led her to explore a new direction. After her sister passed away from cancer, she gained fresh clarity in the importance of pursuing a more meaningful path. Inspired by her grandmother’s legacy and her own love for cooking and conversation, Jan took a leap into the aged care sector.

Making a Difference through Personalised Care

Jan’s journey at Feros Care began as a Lifestyle Coordinator in one of our Residential Aged Care Facilities, where she had the opportunity to engage with residents on a personal level, cooking for them and sharing heartwarming conversations. Recently, she transitioned to a Social Support role in the Community team, where she designs and plans health and lifestyle activities for Home Care Package (HCP) and Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) clients.

Through her Certificate 4 in Leisure and Health studies, Jan has gained valuable insights into person-centred care principles, enabling her to enhance her approach in creating meaningful social programs. She exemplifies the essence of person-centred care by infusing her personal touch into every activity, ensuring that clients’ interests and needs take center stage.

“I see just how beneficial it is to do activities that people actually enjoy, it’s what person-centred care is all about,” Jan says.

Balancing Work, Study, and Passion

Working at Feros Care, Jan knew that flexibility and adaptability were at the heart of the work culture, and her experience stands testament to this ethos. Despite being a busy part-time employee, she seamlessly blends her work at Feros Care with her academic pursuits. It’s not just about balancing work and study for Jan; it’s about integrating her passions into her daily routine. She advocates for a step-by-step approach, highlighting the significance of consistency. Jan’s enthusiasm for the course material also propels her to excel, and she’s completed some modules up to 3 months’ ahead of schedule.

“Because my study timetable and work schedules are flexible I feel like all my commitments come together quite harmoniously. Having responsive ARC Trainers also really helps.  I feel really well supported all-round,” she explains.

A Future of Fulfillment

Completing the Certificate 4 in Leisure and Health has not only deepened Jan’s knowledge but also solidified her commitment to a long-term career in aged care. With the support of Feros Care and ARC Training, Jan envisions herself continuing to make a positive impact, even after becoming eligible for retirement. For her, aged care is not just a job; it’s a passion, filled with purpose, joy, and the satisfaction of knowing she’s making a difference every day.

“It’s great to be learning new things, and when you can relate to it in your job it’s a really good thing.”

Advice from Jan

Jan’s advice for those considering a switch to aged care or embarking on a study journey is resounding: “Definitely do it!” She encourages aspiring individuals to embrace the rewarding challenges of the aged care sector, where every interaction can bring purpose and satisfaction. To those hesitant to study again, Jan’s message is clear: “Just go for it!” With ample support and a passion-driven approach, learning becomes an exciting journey that can reshape your future.

Jan’s story is a testament to the transformative power of on-the-job training and the deep rewards that come from working in the aged care sector. If you’re looking to join a team that values personal growth, impact, and meaningful connections, we invite you to explore opportunities at Feros Care. Start your journey today and be a part of a team that’s changing lives, just like Jan.

For more information on a career with passion and purpose, visit our careers page.

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