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Made in Colombia – The VSC’s most popular session

Hailing from Colombia, Maji is one of our most popular hosts at the Virtual Social Centre, with her delicious sessions guiding participants through a different Colombian recipe each time.

8 years ago Maji moved to Australia with her husband and two small boys to have a fresh start. They left behind their families, their friends and all their material possessions, packing their lives into 6 suitcases to travel almost 27 hours to land in one of the most amazing countries.

“It was a very tough time”, recalls Maji, as she didn’t know anyone in Australia. She didn’t speak the language so communication was difficult, plus she had to get used to driving on the other side of the road, “but it was a life-changing experience,” she continued, “as it was the biggest adventure for me and my family.”

We sat down with Maji to chat all things from Colombia to cooking.

As you host a cooking session, what is your favourite food and your favourite drink?

I love, loveee seafood! It is always my number one choice when I go out for dinner or when I want to cook something special.

My favourite drink is obviously coffee. Growing up in the land of coffee I can’t deny this drink runs through my blood.

Can you share a moment that you are proud of, a moment of sadness and a moment of joy?

I am very proud of the effort and dedication I have been putting to be where I am right now. Being an immigrant is not always easy but finding the bright side makes everything easier. Never give up!

I will say that it is always sad and hard to say goodbye at the airport. I believe airports have seen more honest kisses and tears that any other place on earth.

A moment of joy for me are my two boys, they are the most precious things for me and I would not change that for anything.

What do you do when you are not working or volunteering at the VSC?

Laughs) I do CrossFit at least 3 times a week, walk along the beach with the boys. And you’re not going to believe this, but I do prefer the countryside over
the beach.

Finally, what is “Colombianlicious” about?

It is about South American food and the history behind each recipe. We want to share our customs, traditions and the variety of this cuisine. It is also about sharing “Grandma’s Secrets”
and reviving those special memories with our participants.

Every 2 weeks we try to alternate between a savory or a sweet dish – you will never know what is next, literally.

Join Maji and her sister Stephany as they host the wonderfully zesty Colombianlicious, sharing their Colombian cuisine, every second Thursday at 10am AEST.

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