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Mother of five finds way out of rock bottom

Roxanne knows what it’s like to reach rock bottom. She’s been there, along with her whole family – but they have all come out stronger on the other side.

Roxanne’s children have diverse conditions including Autism Spectrum Disorder, mental health and behavioural issues. For Roxanne, trying to access the best supports to meet her children’s needs has
been a process that, until recently, left her confused and overwhelmed.

Before accessing the NDIS through Feros Care, Roxanne was exhausted, isolated, and depressed.

Finally, she is forging a positive pathway forward and is envisioning a future for her family that offers support, hope and fulfillment.

Because her children are now starting to receive the supports they need, Roxanne has even been able to start her own business and help others in her community.

“Basically the sky is the limit now,” she says.

Planning and understanding

Initially, Roxanne says, she didn’t understand how to utilise her children’s NDIS plans.

“It was really frustrating, and the supports in their plans were not working for us.”

She experienced a turning point when she started to work with Luciana Qaddoumi, one of Feros Care’s Local Area Coordinators (LAC) to navigate the NDIS options.

“I felt that Luciana was the only person who truly took the time to educate me in all different categories of the plans.

“She explained the plan’s categories to assist my children’s needs and help them achieve their goals.

The NDIS and Feros Care support played a crucial role for me and my family to be able to reach where we are now.”

Roxanne started to use the core supports available to help her children build their independence, community participation, communication and social skills.

“But, most importantly, it gave me some time to start working and thinking for myself.”

Family focus

LAC Luciana Qaddoumi says that when she became Roxanne’s LAC, she noticed that her children’s plans were not being maximised, especially when it came to community supports and participation.

“I asked her why she never used her core funding, especially when she has a big family and a lot of challenges, and she didn’t know what I was talking about.”

Luciana guided Roxanne around how to access clinical therapy, therapy assistance, and online therapy options that would fit within her budget and provide her children with the frequency of support they needed.

Roxanne’s son Tyler, 9, is on the autism spectrum and has an NDIS plan which includes OT and speech therapy.

Supports for Tyler include help with daily living including a support worker who engages him in activities such as shopping, cleaning and gardening.

Roxanne’s 12-year old daughter Mia is similarly now receiving support through a NDIS plan.

Roxanne says that after receiving therapies, Mia is now happy to help out.

“She’s absolutely beautiful and we have an amazing bond, and that’s all because of the NDIS and the supports she’s had in place.”

Passionate about the future

Getting her children the support they need has meant that Roxanne has been able to move forward and re-establish her own goals. Seeing the impact of her children’s support, Roxanne decided to further her study in disability and
aged care support and has since opened her own business to provide home services such as cleaning and maintenance.

Roxanne says it’s crucial people realise the importance of asking for help when they need it.

“I’ve always been someone who didn’t want to ask and tried to manage, but you need to ask for that help.”



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