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NBN Enabled Telehealth Pilot

In December 2012, Feros Care was awarded $2.7 million under the national Digital Economy Strategy to deliver an NBN enabled telehealth pilot in Coffs Harbour, NSW for 200 seniors living with chronic conditions and/or are socially isolated.
Feros Care’s Telehealth solution My Health Clinic At Home (MHCAH) allowed clients to remotely monitors vital signs on a daily basis, supported by regular video conferencing communication.The goals of the project were to monitor seniors with chronic conditions using telehealth technology, display the benefits of the national broadband network through high speed video conferencing, evaluate a new care model and demonstrate the positive health outcomes this technology and service model can provide.The pilot finished in June 2014, reaching all of its major milestones with the evaluation report being presented to Federal Government in September 2014.

Project Data Summary at 30th June 2014:

200 pilot participants
4,888 video calls conducted both social and health related
32,540 vital signs readings

Clients felt they:

44% Had better information to help the doctor with the ongoing management of their health condition
25% Had greater confidence discussing health issues with their doctor
31% Worried less about their health
51% Liked being monitored and knowing that someone was keeping an eye on them
48% Had a better understanding of vital sign monitoring
15% Went out more
17% Changed (increased, decreased or otherwise altered) medication
33% Increased physical activity
39% Made positive dietary changes

How does telehealth work?

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Telehealth Pilot Full Report.
Multi-site videoconferencing for home-based education of older people with chronic conditions: the Telehealth Literacy Project – Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 2014, Vol. 20(7)

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