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Rebecca is living her truth through art

Rebecca Eglinton was only six years old when her mum first gifted her a watercolour palette, and it was love at first sight. 

“I thought the palette was amazing, because I believed it had every single colour in the world.” 

Since that memorable day Rebecca has passionately been painting and drawing and says she still feels an array of emotions as she creates and expresses what she can see in her mind. 

“Sometimes even one stroke of my paintbrush or pencil can make me feel amazing and at peace.” 


The ups and downs of early life

Rebecca was diagnosed with autism at age four.  Her supportive family not only understood but allowed Rebecca to be herself, along with her brother who also has autism.  

But growing up with autism was not without its trials, particularly at school, where Rebecca attended mainstream classes until year four.  She was then moved out of the classroom into the Learning Support Service within the school where she sometimes felt isolated from her classmates. During these years, art became her refuge, offering comfort and joy. 


Living a life beyond her wildest dreams

In high school things turned around when Rebecca discovered the Tutti arts program, an art group in the Barossa region for artists with disabilities. There she was supported and encouraged to explore her creativity, which sparked her career as an artist.  

Rebecca says her NDIS and social networks have impacted her life in a wonderfully positive way. They include her Local Area Coordinator at Feros Care, the SKILL Barossa Peer Network, Tutti, her proud parents, and art mentors Alice and Dan.  These supports have given her opportunities and experiences beyond her wildest dreams and have opened her mind to new ideas and ways to express herself as an artist.  


Expressing herself through art

Ask Rebecca and she will tell you that “autism isn’t a bad thing” and that the stigma needs to be eradicated. She says there also needs to be more understanding, inclusivity, and acceptance of neurodivergence.   

“I wish people understood that my brain functions in a different way and I need time to process words and information.” 

Expressing herself through art gives Rebecca the time to think and reflect on what she’s wanting to communicate in a meaningful and visual way. 

When it comes to choosing her favourite creation, Rebecca is conflicted as she loves them all.   However, she does have an affinity with “Sea, Dragon, Moon”, a painting of a majestic dragon emerging from the sea. This piece was displayed at the Tutti Arts SALA Exhibition. 

“I’m quite proud of this, because there were so many challenges I overcame, as it’s the biggest sized canvas I’ve ever painted on, and it was the first time I used gold, silver and copper leaf on an artwork.” 


Big plans ahead 

Rebecca, now 23 years of age, hopes to explore more ways of creating art, and grow a successful business from showing her works at various exhibitions. She also plans to travel the world, get her driver’s license, and write a book.  


At Feros Care, we understand you have unique hopes and wishes.  We’re here to support you, so dream big!  

Click here to find your nearest Local Area Coordinator.  They’re waiting to support you to reach your goals.  



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