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Students to ‘Ask Gran Not Google’ during Seniors Week

Encyclopaedias, libraries, parents and family – these were some of the ways we found answers to life’s questions before the internet.In the technological age, today’s school kids can readily source the answer to pretty much anything on their mobile phone, but Feros Care wants them to Ask Gran Not Google during Queensland Seniors Week in 2017.Ask Gran Not Google is the brain child of Feros Care’s Shelly Fletcher, whose family banned technology in favour of going to another trusted source, grandparents. Shelley and her cousins did a family experiment where all questions were directed at Nana and Pop first before searching online.Feros Care is now taking this experiment in the wider community this Queensland Seniors Week (19-27 August), and is taking its old-fashioned learning into the classrooms. Students at 10 Queensland schools have taken up the challenge of looking beyond a keyboard and will Ask Gran Not Google over the course of the week.Jennene Buckley, Feros Care CEO, said “When all your information comes from online, you miss out on anecdotal information, funny stories and heart-felt and wise advice that seniors can share with younger generations.“You only have to look to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities who truly understand the status and value of their elders within their community. This campaign acknowledges how much younger generations can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of our older generations.

This campaign acknowledges how much younger generations can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of our older generations

“Internet has information at your finger-tips but there is nothing better than the trusted wise resource of our elders and the experience, mistakes and lessons and learnings they can share,” she said.Participating schools will engage in classroom activities and invite seniors and grandparents to share knowledge with students over the course of the week.Feros Care is renowned for challenging stereotypes of aged care and seniors, and sees this campaign as a wonderful opportunity and benefit for both students and seniors through connection, conversation and social engagement that enriches their lives.Ms Buckley said “We love Google and the internet of things. It is our future but so are our seniors. Seniors can, and do, play such a critical role in family and community. And certainly with the Ask Gran Not Google campaign there will be lots of rich learnings and experiences all round.“It is so much more than researching information online. It’s about younger people understanding the importance of reaching out to a grandparent or senior and seek their wisdom and advice on life’s important questions and learnings.”Ten schools are participating in the Seniors Week program from 19 – 27 August, 2017. This initiative is designed to highlight the importance of seniors to children, schools, and the community. Over 1,000 students across a range of primary and high school year levels will engage in curriculum and activities that see them connect with seniors for their life experience, advice and knowledge beyond anything a device can offer.Participating classrooms will receive free student kits including postcards and pens to encourage old-school communication between students and seniors, with fun lesson tips and idea for teachers to develop. Educators have embraced the opportunity to be involved in positive change through the pilot campaign, understanding the need to ensure today’s students build meaningful bonds outside the realm of the digital society.

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