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Virtual first a winner for Positive Futures Expo

Finding ways to open up a world of future opportunities has proven a
virtual winner in a first for those with disability.

For more than 15 years, the City of Playford’s hosting of
the Positive Futures Expo has drawn more than 500 people from across northern
Adelaide, but due to restrictions in the current climate, showcasing
opportunities for education, training, employment, volunteering and social
inclusion in person, wasn’t achievable.

Rather than cancel the 2020 event, the City of Playford
partnered with service providers and Adelaide employers to deliver a 3D virtual
expo delivered through a fully interactive website, which Feros Care Community
Development Coordinator (CDC) Carly Grose said was a big success, setting up an
even brighter future.

“Because the Expo couldn’t be done face-to-face, the City of
Playford decided to hold it online and asked Feros Care to support it.
Stakeholders and other sponsors and partners also jumped on-board to help
present and create the event.” Carly said.

“We were told that in previous years, the event wasn’t
accessible for all schools due to travel, but being in a virtual format, it
opened up a lot more opportunities for more schools and teachers were able to
support kids through the Virtual landscape in the classroom.”

“Moving forward, the format could potentially run virtually
all the time.”

Across a four-hour expo on Tuesday, June 30, viewers were able to
take an online tour to connect and interact with employment networks and
professionals including Feros Care to gain an understanding on career pathways
while discovering individual strengths and interests.

With a range of options, viewers could enjoy a
3D interactive experience set in the City of Playford’s Prince George Plaza;
take a guided tour with Expo ambassador, Tyler, interact with keynote
speakers and contributors through live Zoom and YouTube workshops,
and gain insights through question and answer sessions.

For further enjoyment, activities with education and training
outcomes were available, and a directory specifically categorised to aid and
assist purpose driven opportunities for individual students’ needs.


Feros Care was front-and-centre to provide those
attending with a live session on pathways to employment and explaining the
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and how the process can be

Relishing the opportunity to work closely with the
likes of other organisations in genU, Job Prospects, Campbell Page, Matchworks
and Barkuma, Carly said a holistic view of future opportunities for viewers and
how to achieve them was provided.

“Working with other organisations who strive to achieve similar
outcomes to what Feros Care wants to achieve was a highlight as we wanted to
cover all areas for planning a future for people with disability,” Carly said.

“It was about making a positive impact and providing people
with opportunities for when they leave school. People with disability are at
more of a disadvantage when it comes to finding work, so it’s crucial to
provide them with an understanding of their options, how they can find
opportunities and funding, and how they can achieve their goals.”


Looking forward to further opportunities to be a part of the
Expo, Carly said Feros Care was passionate about providing support and guidance
to those wanting to plan a positive future.

“It’s really important for people leaving school to see
Feros Care as a supporter in their area, who can direct people towards an
avenue that’s appropriate for them,” she said.

“We want to open up opportunities so people can connect and
engage with providers and understand there’s not just one path to follow,
there’s a range of options and areas people can go into for their future.

“For us, it’s about finding out about each person and
assisting them to find an individual approach to gaining employment, and events
like the Positive Futures Expo allows us to do that.”

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