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3 reasons why STRC clients love our Virtual Social Centre

73-year-old Donna Kalch signed up to a Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) Program in August 2021.

Short-Term Restorative Care is a free eight-week program that helps individuals get back to their best selves after injury or illness.

Donna had polio as a child, and is still impacted by the effects, with little muscle remaining in her right arm and shoulder. She frequently visits the physio and podiatrist.

Monique Gorman, Donna’s Wellbeing Manager, was the one to suggest the Virtual Social Centre (VSC) as the perfect fit for Donna. It’s an online community with sessions taking place regularly. Participants use their personal devices to log into the Virtual Social Centre whenever they choose, review the calendar of sessions, and join whatever interests them.

Here’s why Donna chose to extend her subscription to the VSC, despite her STRC program having ended.

The access to allied health services

With an ongoing subscription to the VSC, Donna continues to be able to access virtual physiotherapy that does wonders for her health.

“There can be a gap between STRC and a Home Care Package, and clients generally need to continue with their allied health,” Monique says. “Physiotherapy can be so expensive. The VSC offers access to these services and more.”

Donna attends physiotherapy and exercise classes such as ‘Strength and Balance’, ‘Flexibility and Posture’ and ‘Strong Foundations’. In each session, participants can see, hear, and even speak to each other and the facilitator in real time, making the session more enjoyable for everyone.

The possibilities are endless

The VSC program goes so far beyond exercise and physio – there’s a session for just about any kind of hobby or interest that you can think of.

“There were so many things I was interested in!” Donna says. “Yoga, cooking classes, meditation, singing classes. It brings everything to you, but it’s not just you doing it online by yourself – you’re meeting other people along the way.”

There are even art groups, book clubs and a group that meets once per week to share short stories they have written about a topic of their choice.

“I knew the VSC would be a great fit for Donna because of her presentation of personality, it’sd be a great social outlet for her,” Monique confirms. “It really is a one-stop shop for all domains of health and wellbeing – not just guided exercise, but social benefits too.”

There’s no need to leave your home to be social

Monique points out that the VSC also addresses the issue of clients having to rely on other people to get to appointments, coffee shops or things like book clubs. “It’s an opportunity for everyone to get back into things they had interest in years and years ago and connect with others, despite any COVID-19 limitations.”

Donna is a great example; while she loves connecting with other people and taking up many hobbies, she is unable to drive, and her home recovery can limit her outings.

“It’s just fabulous, especially if you’re housebound or not feeling up to going out,” Donna confirms. “You do meet people from all over Australia, and get to do all that socialising without leaving your home!”

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