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When work feels like family: Lorraine’s story

Much-loved Feros Care team member Lorraine Perkins knows a thing or two about job satisfaction.

Prior to becoming a homemaker at Feros Care residential facility Wommin Bay Village, Lorraine spent 12 years in a job feeling unfulfilled and undervalued.

“Before the aged care sector, I was working in the aviation industry cleaning planes for 12 years and decided I needed a change. It was a huge decision, but I didn’t feel that I was appreciated where I was and didn’t feel like I had an impact.”

Knowing that there was more to life, she bravely took a leap of faith and joined the aged and disability care sector in search of the gratification and ‘feel good factor’ she craved.

This was certainly a big move for Lorraine, as it would be for anyone leaving a long-term position and entering an unfamiliar space. And despite a natural sense of trepidation, she’s settled into her new role with Feros and hasn’t looked back since.

The ‘A-Ha!’ moment

Being a down to earth, genuinely warm and nurturing person, Lorraine was a perfect fit with the Feros ethos and from day one, found exactly what she’d been missing.

“Working here I feel like I have an impact on the residents and make them feel special. Understanding them, listening to their stories, I enjoy it all and it’s just been so great.”

“Every day is different, and I feel appreciated, absolutely appreciated.”

So much more than a homemaker

As a homemaker, Lorraine does a lot more than simply clean rooms – and both she and the residents wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I bring them coffee, chat to them, they ask questions, they ask for help and if I can’t help them, I go and find the right person. It’s so much more than cleaning. I treat them as if they’re my family because if my parents were here, I would want the same for them.”

When asked about her favourite aspect of the job, Lorraine didn’t hesitate in her response.

“The best part is that every day is different, and every morning I get to see the residents who are like family. I’ve gotten to know them, what they like, what they don’t like. The smiles, the laughter – and you do have a laugh here – it’s just been the greatest experience.”

A supportive and tight-knit culture

With nothing but praise for the support she’s received from both her superiors and teammates. Lorraine feels valued and respected. Further to that, the knowledge acquired from her peers has inspired her to contemplate a new career path within the company.

“Without management and your colleagues, you couldn’t do it. It takes a team to run any facility and I can always go to them for help. You feel supported, appreciated, and I have nothing but great praise working at Feros Care.”

“I’ve learned so much from my co-workers and the carers, and it’s making me want to go into that area (carer work) now!”

Lorraine’s advice to those considering a career in aged care

Lorraine’s final words are directed at anyone thinking about joining the industry. After leaving a job which did little more than pay her bills for so long, she now bounces of bed each day to see her Feros “friends and family”.

“Just go for it! If you’re a caring person and you love your family, then you’ll love Feros. Honestly, I never thought it would be this good in terms of that gratification, but every time you walk out of here, you know you’ve made someone’s day.”

“After 12 years in a job without contentment and positive affirmation, hopefully I can work here for another 12 years!”

At Feros Care, we’re all about helping Australian seniors and people with disabilities live bolder lives through our aged care and disability support services.

To do this, we need caring, encouraging and nurturing team members who embody our vibrant culture so we can continue to do what we do best.

For more information on a career with purpose and passion, click here.

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