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Daniel’s journey to employment

Revisiting Daniel’s story, it takes us back to August this year.  He was the very first participant to enrol in Feros Care’s new Work Experience Program in South Australia.   

If you recall, Daniel first showcased his professional prowess during his work experience stint with Feros Care where he not only gained firsthand professional exposure, but also identified and worked towards refining key administrative and communication skills. With guidance from his work experience mentors and the broader team at Feros Care, Daniel was set on a path that recognised and appreciated his talents. 


From work experience to workplace success

Fast forward two months and you’ll now find Daniel kicking goals at Community Bridging Services  Inc (CBS), a not-for-profit disability service provider, and he couldn’t be happier.  He secured the part-time job soon after the Work Experience Program, armed with newfound professional confidence and a readiness to take on challenges. 

Daniel, now with the official title of Administrative Assistant, plays a valuable role in the operations at CBS Inc. With tasks ranging from filing and scanning to customer service, Daniel is right in the thick of things, proving that dedication and a proactive approach often lead to rewarding outcomes. 

One of the aspects Daniel thoroughly enjoys is the camaraderie of the office environment. Engaging in light-hearted banter, sharing a joke, or simply working collaboratively with his colleagues, being part of a team has added a joyful dimension to his professional life. 

While presently he’s channelling all his energy into his current role, Daniel has not ruled out the idea of further enhancing his skills. The possibility of enrolling in another course sometime in the future could be on the cards.  

Michael D’Alessio, Local Area Coordinator for Feros Care NDIS Partner in The Community, expresses the sentiment perfectly, saying, “Talk about a great outcome and a good news story He has reached one of his long-term goals and this is an amazing achievement.”  

Congratulations Daniel.  And thank you for showing us that with the right blend of enthusiasm, professional guidance, and opportunity, success can be just around the corner.   


If you would like more information about the Feros Care Work Experience Program you can click here.  The program provides real-life work experience in administration for people with disability, and it is set to be rolled out across our footprint 2023 – 2024. 

You can read Daniel’s original story here – Feros Care work experience empowers Daniel to succeed – Feros Care 


Photo – Daniel and Michael D’Alessio, Local Area Coordinator for Feros Care NDIS Partner in The Community.



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