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Daniel Millowich smiling undertaking work experience at Feros Care

Feros Care work experience empowers Daniel to succeed

Earlier this year, Feros Care introduced its inaugural work experience program in South Australia. The program is designed to build confidence, empower individuals with a disability to pursue employment opportunities, and set them up with the tools to thrive in their line of work. Daniel Millowich signed up as the program’s very first participant. Over a six-week period, he dedicated two days a week to gain firsthand experience while working in our Northern Adelaide Service Area offices. Prior to commencing work experience, Daniel collaborated with his two Local Area Coordinator (LAC) mentors, who supported him in identifying and setting goals, particularly around enhancing his administrative and communication skills, as these are crucial to his personal and professional growth. Daniel’s LAC mentors expertly tailored his work experience tasks to align with these goals.

Becoming part of the team

Daniel’s time in the program was rewarding, fulfilling, and enlightening. He enjoyed the opportunity to actively engage with our warm and supportive staff and build meaningful connections with the clients. He also liked being an active part of the wider community and witnessing the positive impact Feros Care has on so many lives. In the office, Daniel welcomed clients, met the executive management team members, and received substantial support from his mentors to finetune his organisational skills. He also took advantage of typing classes, adeptly creating professional presentations and documents using PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, as well as efficiently managing a merchandise stocktake.

Getting out and about

Among the highlights of Daniel’s work experience was his active involvement in community events, such as the Disability Access and Inclusion Network gathering hosted by the Tea Tree Gully Council, and the opening of a new local school, Compass Catholic Campus. “I really enjoyed going to the school opening, and loved seeing how welcoming the school was to people with a disability,” said Daniel. Daniel’s interactions with others at these events helped broaden his horizons and foster valuable community connections.

Mentoring and guidance along the way

Apart from the practical aspects of his work experience, Daniel’s LAC mentors were equally committed to nurturing his personal growth and career progression. They provided significant guidance to expand his capacity and feel confident to explore a range of career paths. Daniel also received guidance from his LACs regarding his rights and access to various support services, including Job Access, DES, DAAWS, and Disability Works Australia. During his final week, he, along with his LAC mentors and the Project Lead CDC, participated in professionally filmed interviews to highlight the program’s success. Also showcasing Daniel’s remarkable progress, this footage will feature on the Feros Care social media channels. When asked about his work experience journey, Daniel said, “I’ve had great support through Feros Care. People believe in me and then I believe in myself.”

Celebrating success

To celebrate Daniel’s successful completion of the program, a team gathering was organised to acknowledge his achievements. During the event, Daniel received heartfelt handwritten messages from staff members, a certificate of completion, and a career advancement kit including a keyboard, mouse, headphones, and more. Plus, as a token of appreciation for his valuable time, dedication, and commitment, Daniel was also presented with a $600 gift card.

Ready to take the next step

Daniel’s time in Feros Care’s work experience program was a resounding success, consolidating his confidence and skills while laying a solid foundation for his future endeavours. Upon completion, he reported his ‘confidence to look for employment’ as 8.5/10, overall ‘job ready feeling’ as 9/10, and his ‘confidence to engage with employers’ as 9/10. Looking forward to taking the next step, he reiterated that he is flexible and willing to take on most kinds of work, where he can contribute and cement a sense of purpose. Following Daniel’s work experience in May, Feros Care has consistently stayed in touch with him and his DES case manager. Actively exploring potential paid employment opportunities for him, we are demonstrating our steadfast commitment to supporting his career journey.

Feros Care remains dedicated to empowering individuals with a disability to pursue employment, by fostering growth and creating opportunities for personal and professional advancement. To learn more about how we’re supporting people with disabilities, check out are other community projects here.

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