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Feros Care Community Support Worker Marion Fleming with her arm around client Diasy sharing a cuppa in the kitchen

Marion and Daisy: 15 years of laughs, love, and an unbreakable bond

Not many people can say they’ve ‘worked’ with the same person for over 15 years, but Marion Fleming can. And what’s more, she’s never looked back.

A respected and popular Feros Care Community Support Worker, Marion spends her days doing what she loves; helping aged care clients, including the unstoppable Daisy. 95 years young, full of life, and as sharp as a tack, it’s not hard to see how this lovable ‘pocket rocket’ has inspired Marion to stick around for a decade and a half.

A self-described people person, Marion took an instant shining to Daisy from the very first visit to her family farm back in 2008. Fast forward to 2023 and their connection has blossomed from a work-based relationship to a beautiful friendship.

Marion’s career kaleidoscope

Although she’s been with Feros Care for a long time, Marion has tried her hand at many jobs, enjoying a very multifaceted and diverse career.

“I have one of those interesting resumes,” she laughs. “Before aged care, I worked as a beautician, a welder, and even a car detailer. I always had the attitude that if a job came up, I’d give it a go!”

In true Marion spirit, when the opportunity arose for her to undertake an aged care course, she dived in head-first and more importantly, heart-first.

Introduced to Feros Care by an employment agency where she could apply her training in the real world, she discovered a passion for helping seniors – like Daisy – live their boldest and best lives.

“As long as I can, I will”

Authentic and enduring connections – like the one she formed with Daisy – keep Marion fulfilled, inspired, and living with purpose.

“The first day I arrived at Daisy’s house to help with some domestic cleaning, she was 80 and still out there cutting the cane by hand to feed the cattle. I thought, ‘that’s one remarkable woman.’

In this instance, first impressions were right on the money. Even with health and mobility issues, Daisy still rides her beloved quad bike around the farm to this very day, and continues to surprise Marion with her zest for life.

Marion was also immediately taken by Daisy’s warm and friendly nature and refreshing outlook.

“Daisy is amazing in every way. Nothing stops her. Her motto is ‘as long as I can, I will’. I loved that so much that I wrote it down and stuck it on my fridge,” she says.

“Daisy is loved by everyone – including me. She met a lot of people when she used to sell honey and eggs with a sign outside her house. Those people still stop in and have a cuppa with her all these years later. That’s the sort of person she is.”

Feros Care Client Daisy on her quad bike

Forever friends

Although Marion is extremely fond of all her clients, there’s no denying the bond she shares with Daisy is truly special.

“She’s the reason I’m still doing this,” she says with conviction and sincerity in equal measure.

“Daisy told me that I can’t leave until she dies. So, I said ‘ok, well you can’t die until I retire which means you’ll be around until you’re at least 102,” she says with a smile.

Close up of Feros Care Community Support Worker Marion Fleming with her arm around Daisy.

Flipping the script on a career in aged care

When asked why she loves working in aged care and if her experience debunks the common industry misconceptions, Marion has a lot to say.

Emphasising that it’s far from boring or monotonous, she describes it as dynamic and full of fun and unique characters, with priceless life experiences and wisdom to be shared.

“I just love the interesting people I get to meet. Hearing what they’ve done with their lives, about their families, and their amazing stories – there’s nothing like it.”

“Daisy in particular has taught me to enjoy life to the fullest and look at what you can do, not what you can’t, which is such an important perspective.”

Full of kindness and compassion herself, Marion says there’s one key ingredient to a successful and gratifying career in aged care.

“As long as you’ve got the right heart for it, it’s the right job for you.”

Support in spades

Marion’s journey with Feros Care has also been underscored by amazing team spirit and support.

“Feros is fantastic, and our team is unreal. We really work together and step up to help each other,” she says.

This sentiment speaks to her 15-year tenure with us and one thing’s for sure; the feeling is most certainly mutual.

Not your typical aged care worker? Good, because we’re not your typical aged care organisation.

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